here you will find many years worth of my projects, experiments and curiosities. tools, architecture, robots, making and automation.




James Coleman @colemajr

James Coleman currently acts as Lead Research and Development Engineer at A. Zahner Company, a company that specializes in computational fabrication and mass customization at an architectural scale. He is involved in the production of 100,000s of unique parts for large scale projects as a digital design and manufacturing specialist.

James holds master’s degrees in both architecture and mechanical engineering from The Massachusetts Institute of Technology. His current research is centered around parametric design-to-fabrication workflows and one-off automation strategies in both hardware and software.

He has worked internationally as a design engineer on architectural projects of a variety of scales and as a Product Development Engineer at the Ford Motor Company in Dearborn, Michigan. He currently balances working on large scale high profile architectural projects with being one half of the design studio James and the Giant Peek.

With a diverse suite of manufacturing equipment, industrial robots, and custom-made CNC machinery James makes things, breaks things, and invents things with varying levels of success and sophistication.